About CC zorgadviseurs

CC zorgadviseurs is a Dutch Healthcare Management Consulting firm. Since 1991 CC has been an innovative adviser for many projects across health systems, hospitals, academic medical centers, nursing homes and medical groups. We apply our 20 years of knowledge and expertise to help clients of all sizes and scopes find success on organizational level.

Fields of expertise

Our advisors have knowledge of a wide array of tools, methods, and models, of which:

Productive Series

CC zorgadviseurs holds the license of Productive Ward and Productive Care. With this approach, nursing teams are supported to redesign and streamline the way they manage and work. This helps achieve significant and lasting improvements – predominately in the extra time that they give to patients, as well as improving the quality of care delivered whilst reducing costs.

Shared Governance & the nursing profession

CC zorgadviseurs is one of the leaders in the development of Shared Governance and Nurse Governance Structure in the Netherlands. We actively support the professionalization of the nursing profession.

Management Development

Management development is one of our main points of expertise. We have developed several methods to help clients improve on management level. We believe management is a profession, centered around certain tasks like developing people, desicion making and organizing.

Process optimalization

Over the years CC has gained a lot of knowledge and experience on process optimalization in healthcare. We are proud to have two advisors with a Black Belt degree in Six Sigma, a researcher specialized in mathematical algorithms and operations research, and advisors with extensive knowledge of the LEAN method.

Business apps

We have developed a couple of apps for business, like the English Activity Follow webapp. This app is an improved tool for the Productive Ward approach. Read more on: www.activityfollow.com.

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